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By , Josh Constine | December 14, 2020 |

    A list of essential components for writing job listings

    by Crystal Guerrero, edited by Josh Constine

    A boring job description implies a boring job. By instead communicating the opportunities for career growth instead of just the responsibilities and qualifications, your open positions will help fill themselves. Here we’ll lay out a template for writing an appealing job description.

    This template from our Director of Talent Operations Crystal Guerrero is part of SignalFire’s hiring plan guide. To get our next startup recruiting how-to guide, sign up here

    Job Description Template

    [JOB TITLE] Senior Product Manager

    [ROLE DESCRIPTION: Overview of the job’s responsibilities and challenges]

    [Company name] is seeking an experienced senior product manager who can contribute to… A PM at [Company name] has “full stack” product responsibilities including working hand-in-hand with our designers, engineers, customer success representatives, and sales teams to deliver a timely, high-quality product.

    We are interested in a PM who has [this work experience] who can apply [these skills]. The person who will be most successful in this role has [work style traits] and can [solve challenges particular to the job].

    [DESIRED JOB CANDIDATE VALUES] Who will love this job:

    • [Attracted to a specific challenge we’re tackling]

    • [Work style trait that gels with our culture]

    • [Alignment with company mission]

    [RESPONSIBILITIES] What you’ll be responsible for:

    • Owning the … strategy of the platform

    • Collaborating with … to prioritize features on the roadmap

    • Driving…

    • Working with the … team to develop…

    [QUALIFICATIONS/DESIRED TRAITS] What we look for in a candidate:

    • Strong … skills

    • Passion for…

    • …experience a plus

    [WHAT WE OFFER] Perks at [Company name]:

    • Competitive salary, bonus, & equity packages

    • 401(k) retirement plan

    • Pre-tax health care, dependent care, and commuter benefits (FSA)

    • Flexible medical, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family

    • Life insurance & disability insurance

    • Parental leave

    • Fitness discounts for gyms or home equipment

    • Unlimited paid time off

    • Option to work 50% of your time in [location X] satellite office

    • Free catered lunches and dinners for in-person employees, and meal stipends for remote employees

    • Office social events including happy hours, parties, and community service projects

    • Fully paid on-site parking, local commuter pass

    • $10,000 referral bonus for new hires

    • Apple laptop and ergonomic home office stipend

    • Employee activity groups for runners, cyclers, rock climbers…

    • Much more

    [WHO WE ARE] About Us:

    [Paragraph outlining the following: Product description, customers or demographics using the product, location, well-known investors, advisors, executives, and the company mission]

    Diversity Commitment: We are focused on building a diverse and inclusive team. We welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives and are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

    Learn more at [company website link].

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    This template is part of SignalFire’s startup hiring plan guide. To get our next recruiting how-to guide, sign up here.

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