Yuriy Groysman

Partner, Data Science

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“Prior to joining SignalFire, Yuriy was a Data Scientist at Gild (2013), an innovative startup that applied predictive modeling on large-scale data to help hiring teams identify and recruit top candidates for technology jobs. Yuriy was the lead engineer for machine learning models that qualitatively measure career accomplishment of software engineers.

Previously, Yuriy received a PhD in Experimental Particle Physics from UC Berkeley (2000–2008) and conducted research at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He performed advanced statistical analyses on a 100-TB dataset collected at the PEP-II accelerator at SLAC, discovered a new rare particle decay and published academic research papers in Physical Review Letters and Physical Review D. His work was part of a multi-institution experimental verification of a fundamental particle physics theory for which 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded.

Yuriy has also been a world-class poker player and online gambling entrepreneur. He built some of the first AI tools for poker and casino games.”


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