Stephen Trusheim

Venture Partner

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Stephen joined SignalFire in 2015 as part of the initial investment team. Today, as a Venture Partner, he focuses on early-stages investments in fintech and AI SaaS. As Head of Operations, he manages the back office, including investment execution, finance, and LP fundraising.

An entrepreneur at heart, Stephen previously managed operations for a nonprofit banking organization at Stanford University, where he was one of the first employees at StartX and co-founded the country’s largest student endowment management program. He’s also worked as an engineer at Intel, designing low-power, always-on sensor suites, and at Standard Treasury, a YCombinator-backed banking technology startup later acquired by SVB. He began his career at Access Genetics, where he implemented AI systems to prevent hospital epidemics and improve genetic testing.

Stephen holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford, where he researched network analysis, AI cybersecurity, and received multiple awards. He was named Forbes “30 Under 30” in 2019, for his work at SignalFire.

He previously served on the Federal Reserve Task Force on Faster Payments, the Federal Reserve Task Force on Secure Payments, and on the Finance and Audit Committee of the nonprofit Stanford Student Enterprises. According to his activity tracker, he spends most of his time outside work relaxing on nearby bodies of water, enjoying San Francisco’s amazing restaurants, and playing grand strategy videogames.


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