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Oana invests in Seed and Series A companies across SignalFire’s technology portfolio with a focus on seachange technologies across the software stack. Oana is a ML engineer with operating experience in enterprise software and investment experience at the Seed, Series A and Series B stages.

Prior to joining SignalFire, Oana was at Scale Venture Partners where she invested in applied ML and developer tooling. Oana sourced Scale’s investments in Observe.ai, Flatfile, and Proscia. She was part of the deal teams for Honeycomb and AllyO (acquired by HireVue). She also supported existing portfolio companies such as Dialpad, Matillion and BigID. Prior to Scale, Oana was an AI seed investor at SAP.io, SAP’s $35M seed fund, where she sourced the investments in Plum.io, Oto.ai and Akorda.

Prior to VC, Oana worked at SAP where she contributed to the development of the backend systems used by SAP for its solution portfolio. She also developed assessment frameworks and evaluated requests for funding from more than 70 product teams, across different stages of the life cycle. She was also responsible for the partnership strategy for conversational AI, and executed deals with significant companies in this space, including Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

Oana received a BS in Computer Science with a specialization in Machine Learning from Jacobs University and a MS in Computer Science and Business with specialization in Machine-to-Machine Platforms from Mannheim University in Germany. Outside of work, Oana enjoys playing basketball, designing space stations and occasionally driving tanks.


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