Michelle Lee

VP of Amazon ML Lab. Former CEO of US Patent & Trademark Office; Former Deputy General Counsel at Google

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Michelle Lee is currently the VP of the Amazon Machine Learning Lab and the former CEO of a $3.4 billion organization, digital transformation strategist, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab trained computer scientist, Silicon Valley veteran experienced in scaling fast-growing companies with disruptive technologies, and top intellectual property expert. She is a leader with experience in technology, law, business and government who spent most of her career advising some of the country’s most innovative companies. Michelle has a proven track record of driving strategic priorities in rapidly changing environments, navigating complex regulatory and legal landscapes, and managing high-profile risks and crises.

Michelle was the Deputy General Counsel at Google from 2003 – 2012 where she oversaw and implemented a comprehensive domestic and international patent strategy growing the portfolio from a handful to over 10,500 patents. She also helped lead the acquisition and integration of numerous companies, including YouTube, Keyhole, and GrandCentral. After Google, Michelle was the CEO of the US Patent and Trademark Office under the Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property during the Obama administration where she acted as principal advisor to the President, through the Secretary of Commerce, on domestic and international intellectual property policy matters. She was nominated by the President of the United States and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate. She is currently an Advisory Council Member at the MIT Media Lab and sits on the boards of Alarm.com and NAUTO. Michelle holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT and a JD from Stanford.


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