Dave Carpe

Director of Recruiting, Product & Engineering Leadership

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Dave joined SignalFire in 2017 to cultivate relationships with engineering and product executives in support of both portfolio and community initiatives.

Prior to SignalFire, Dave spent 10 years with ReedShay. He was the last principal and led engagements for venture-backed startups and a handful of public companies. During that decade, he completed scores of searches for product and technology leaders, with a focus on CxO, VPx, Chief Scientist and other technical leadership figures.

Dave also consulted for over 12 years to Microsoft, with much of that time in the old Office of the CTO. He did this as the founder of Clew, a research consulting firm that worked with other leading orgs, from TEPCO to the Gates Foundation.

Prior to that, Dave raised funding to create a supply chain software startup, worked as a research associate at Fidelity Capital, and hustled on the trading floor at Fidelity Capital Markets. He earned an MBA in Finance/EPS at Babson College and a BFA in Stone Sculpture at George Washington University. He still works to create interesting art, is a proven sucker for rescue dogs, and has been a volunteer teacher with NFTE and Citizens Schools.


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