Ashlee Klim Fitzpatrick

Operations Manager

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    Ashlee joined SignalFire in 2018, focusing her time on operational optimization for the Talent and Portfolio Impact teams.

    Prior to SignalFire, Ashlee was an integral part of the growth of the national commercial bank at Silicon Valley Bank for six years, focused on identifying the most interesting trends in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship globally. In addition, she contributed significantly to overall strategy development through relationship curation, event management, inclusion and diversity initiatives, and corporate sponsorship. In her role, she helped the organization triple in size, expand globally, and increase the number and quality of profit-making initiatives.

    Ashlee was previously at Oracle where she worked on strategic expansion efforts with the international Ethics and Compliance team, as well as five years in relationship management and philanthropy at First Republic Bank.

    She graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara where she started her career in finance with Bank of America.

    In a former life, Ashlee attended culinary school, graduating as a classically trained French pastry chef, and owned her own bakery specializing in pies. Now she can be found reading about studying and making food and treating the Bay Area as her personal final frontier, exploring and enjoying all it has to offer.


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