The founders Ajay Arora and Prakash Linga are serial security entrepreneurs that previously built Vera into the leading company securing access to documents. When working with clients like GE and Capital One at Vera, they heard frequently about the challenge of securing source code as the company moved to Git.

As employees come and go, we have seen major lawsuits crop up over code theft or even accidental instances of proprietary code ending up in open source repositories. Prior to BluBracket, there has been no way to segment access to sensitive repositories for people like interns, contractors, or others who should only have specific and temporary access.

In the old paradigm, developers would write code and throw it over the fence to ops who were responsible for standing up infrastructure. Now, developers make code changes that affect infrastructure in real time. That means that it is much easier for malicious code to get deployed to production. At the same time, enterprises are moving entirely to Git which has resulted in Morgan Stanley, Citadel, and many other companies having some of their code end up in open source repositories.

BluBracket offers a variety of security features to prevent code from getting into the wild or alerting if there are any breaches. They have developed an incredible offering that will continue to provide value to enterprises and help them protect one of their most valuable and defensible assets. They are already on a roll having recently been named a finalist at the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest and having landed impressive customers like Compass. We could not be more excited to partner with BluBracket in their mission to provide a comprehensive solution that makes code safe.

You can read the full BluBracket announcement here.