Why SignalFire funded Ledger Investing’s $10M Series A

    Sometimes a wall of text isn’t the best way to explain a startup or its potential, so we’re trying something new: a mini slide deck. These four images reveal why we’re so excited about Ledger Investing and its insurance investment marketplace.

    Today the company announced its $10 million Series A, led by AllegisNL Capital with participation from prior investors including, MassMutual Ventures, Accel, Crosscut Ventures, and SignalFire! We co-led Ledger Investing’s seed round back in 2017 and they’ve made outstanding progress demystifying risk and expanding access to investment capital for insurers.

    Here’s why we found Ledger’s product, team, and go-to-market strategy so compelling:

    And if you want an easy way to share the mini-deck, here you go!

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