A human + technology
platform like no other VC.

Our Beacon Talent recruiting platform, competitive intelligence that tracks a half a trillion data points, 85+ invested-advisors covering every industry and function, and ridiculous team responsiveness is why we get a Net Promoter Score of 91 from our portfolio founders.

Beacon Talent

Our goal at SignalFire is to provide our founders with the most comprehensive talent platform in the industry. Our team of full-time engineers and data scientists built Beacon Talent, a proprietary AI-based recruiting platform that tracks the world’s top engineers, data scientists, product managers, designers, and business leaders. Whether you are looking to bring on your early foundational tech team, building a globally distributed engineering organization, or looking for a goldilocks business leader, Beacon Talent™ makes finding and hiring those people orders of magnitude easier.

In-house Experts

In addition to Beacon Talent™, our 360° talent program and specialists can help with:

  • Recruitment process optimization
  • Leadership development & mentorship
  • Executive recruiting
  • Technical recruiting
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Public relations
  • Fundraising deck & board construction

Competitive Intelligence

We track more than 2 million data sources and half a trillion data points giving our portfolio companies unique insights into market intelligence to help with everything from pricing to cohort analysis. It can help answer questions like:

  • How much does a certain product cost in different geographies?
  • How much a discount would impact revenue growth and profit margins?
  • How a new product would compare with competitors?

Advisor Network

Most VCs are generalists, and the odds are you know more about your niche than they do. Instead of asking you to dumb things down for us, we help you level up by tapping into our team of expert advisors. We connect you to our network of 85+ advisors who cover every function from pricing to design, PR to building culture. Our advisors are investors in SignalFire’s fund so they’re genuinely invested in your success.


We host over 100 digital events a year bringing functional experts together with portfolio founders and their executives to discuss wide-ranging topics such as developer marketing, consumer growth, building an enterprise sales team, company culture, and leadership growth.

85% of our founders consistently rank SignalFire as the most valuable investor on their cap table


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