Announcing the SignalFire AI Lab

By Chris Farmer | June 15, 2023 |

    Today, we’re announcing the SignalFire AI Lab. We’re excited to propel the next wave of category-defining startups by providing the resources, capital, and credibility to help tomorrow’s AI leaders today. As an AI-native VC, we’re earmarking $50M to back this new program.

    The massive potential of AI is inspiring top talent from across industries to explore building startups in the space. SignalFire’s own in-house Beacon AI shows that high-quality AI talent from tech giants are leaving to start AI companies of their own. To discover and test product opportunities, these innovators and sector experts need access to data sets, compute infrastructure, corporate design partners, recruiting technology, peer community, and AI mentors.

    The SignalFire AI Lab brings founders together with their future partners and customers at the earliest stages of ideation to help these entrepreneurs build smarter and grow more quickly in a space where speed matters.

    The program is based on our decade of experience developing AI in-house in order to source investments and assist portfolio companies with recruiting. We’ve proven the value of tightly pairing developers and users. Our AI PhDs, engineers, and data scientists work hand-in-hand with our investors and recruiters to test and refine our models with human feedback loops. Now we’re building a similar bridge between founders looking for product guidance and corporate partners with big problems to solve.

    Alongside funding at competitive terms, companies in the SignalFire AI Lab receive:

    • Direct access to corporate design partners and their data sets across enterprise, healthcare, cybersecurity, law, finance, and other sectors
    • Developer credits and engineering assistance from top compute and large language model providers, plus our Beacon AI for recruiting
    • Mentorship from AI leaders, corporate executives, chief security officers, fellow founders, and functional experts

    The SignalFire AI Lab is also designed to address corporate partners’ biggest questions around AI. Where should they be applying it? What tools do they need? How can they build safely? How will it impact their headcount planning?

    The AI Lab will connect corporates to vetted, experienced entrepreneurs—AI developers and infrastructure providers who understand the unique demands of the enterprise. With so many hucksters pivoting out of crypto and adding “.ai” to their names, corporates need an experienced copilot to help them navigate a complicated, cloudy landscape that’s evolving daily. SignalFire’s AI Lab is developing a playbook that corporates can rely on to learn best practices to help define their AI strategy.

    SignalFire will continue to lead funding rounds from seed to Series B while providing deep value-adds across recruiting, go-to-market, data science, and more. Now with the AI Lab, we’ll offer the fastest path for seasoned builders to find and win the biggest opportunities in the future of computing. If you’re a former founder, big tech manager, or sector expert planning to build an AI startup, please get in touch here. And if you’re at a corporate and interested in partnering with the AI Lab, please connect with our team here.



    The above is not to be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security.


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