A team of competitive
data nerds

What started as a stealth, artificial intelligence tech recruiting platform evolved into a new venture model.

We began our journey in 2013 as a bootstrapped startup with the goal of disrupting the way that venture capital is done.

We believed that applying unmatched data and technology to address the top pain points of early stage startups would produce an unfair advantage and outsized success for our portfolio.

Since launching our first fund in 2015, we have scaled quickly to $1B in regulatory assets under management. We continue to build products and scalable processes to help our companies with the early stages of their journey.

Guiding Principles

We go all in

Our philosophy is simple. We find companies we believe in and then put our whole team behind them.

We believe in diversity of thought

We are a team of engineers, data scientists, founders, operators, and investors. We have PhDs, chess champions, race car drivers, and #1 cited journalists in our mix.

We are constantly improving

We do OKRs, we measure NPS, and we are constantly using data and feedback loops to improve our products and services in support of founders

How We Help

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